Law, Policy,
and Politics

Translating Your Goals Into Government Action

Crestline is a full-service government affairs firm that leverages almost 50 years working at the highest levels of government to further the business objectives of its clients. This extensive experience inside government has translated into unparalleled knowledge of government operations and deep relationships at all levels of government. We speak Government – law, policy, politics and public relations – and strategically leverage all of these strategies to solve even the most complex regulatory problems facing our clients.

The Process of Alignment

Crestline’s Guiding Principle is Alignment

Number 1

Effective advocacy demands alignment. Alignment of principal and staff. Alignment of key stakeholders. Alignment across various levels of government – executive, legislative, and regulatory. Alignment of law, policy, politics and communications strategies.

Number 2

Crestline helps its clients build alignment by tapping its deep resource of relationships across government and knowledge across law, policy, politics and communications, and by leveraging a clear understanding of who the decisionmakers are and how and why they will make their decision.

Number 3

The process of alignment is not only the most effective way to achieve short-term victories, but it is also the surest way to build sustainable and enduring relationships that will yield repeated success for our clients – a key outcome for any client we engage with.

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